Women Empowerment

Now a days in every media, newspaper, social media we find quotes, blogs, articles based on feminism. We glorify the power of women altogether and much more. I as a woman love being glorified, want to empower all the women out there morally, mentally, socially. Yes we need empowerment, I do support. We need to learn every day and we should grow up, yes we should grow up.

How ?? Oh yes :

1) First of all before talking about all these values of empowerment, we need to learn that feminism does not mean defaming men in any sense but we are busy doing that. Demonstrating your things on your own or paying your bills should be a celebration of independence, confidence and freedom. We should cherish ourselves as independent individuals. But when I read statement from a distinguished woman of our society something like that “I don’t need a man for anything other than…….”. This signifies nothing but a fragile set of mind. We can see your powerful personality and know what you can do.You need not to defend your strength every now and then.

2) We are not here to compete with each other. Cyclonic monk Swami Vivekananda says ”The world of humanity is possessed of two wings – the male and the female. So long as these two wings are not equivalent in strength, the bird will not fly.” we should give a profound thought on it.

3) Most importantly all the facilities to empower women should be provided to the women of below poverty area. women of high society are already privileged, it’s easier and fun for them to comment whatever they feel. I agree that every other day there are news of rapes and infanticides, yes those culprits, those devils in disguise should be hanged till death. But we can’t generalize. There are lots of men around who inspire and respect women a lot.

4) Finally I will conclude that every woman should respect each other’s thought, that’s a integral part of women empowerment. If we really want to improve each other’s skill, do constructive criticism, unfortunately most of us don’t know what constructive criticism is (including me). We can’t evaluate someone’s effort if we are not at their level. Repentantly I have to say we need keen wisdom and insight to grow up.

In search of Peace


Those innocent cries, tear drops on  cheeks,

will dry up one day, no fear will exist.

Tender  heart shivers beholding dreadful act.


Her pure eyes, witnessed hideous flood of blood,

got traumatized, splinted bodies of innocents

unveil those devils in disguise, masked, pretend

to be human,  but fails to hide ferocious side.


Those compassionate stare has turned rigid today,

no place for fear, one prayer conveys with deep breath,




Celestial Light


White,bright celestial light,

I dreamt of last night.

Emerging from far,

Though was not blur.

There descended someone,

Brightened world once.

He came near me,

Wearing smile on face

with ray of glee.

Hold my finger, stated me some words,

I realized within euphoric world.

The best dream I have ever seen.

God was there to abolish all the sins.


Set me free

Release me from the pursuit

Of frightful failure, let me break

iron rod of the detention,

It kept confined me for long.

Let me set free like a

gust of wind, let me breathe

in the fresh air,let me dance

in the rain, let me sing the song of love.

I want to flow like the waves that make a  sea.

I want to stretch my arms  to embrace new sights.

I want to carry wonder in my eyes.

The cursed night has gone.

It’s a blissful morning,

that seems to be never ending,

will lead to a land of

accomplishment, where pleasure resides.