Yes, self-improvement is a learning experience indeed. It starts when we realize we need to develop positive views towards life. In my personal journey, I have witnessed many people have transformed themselves as better individuals in various aspects of life. They started their journey from zero and achieved several goals at a given time. I got intrigued by their dedication and observed how little changes in everyday routine help them to transform. Many of us think that after a certain age we can’t do anything in life, there is a time for everything. If you believe in yourself, there is no right time to start from first step, at any point of life we can start to focus on self-growth. That’s what I learned by witnessing some people’s journey.


 UTILISE LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES: – If we assume life as a learning curve and observe our surrounding, we will find a lot of opportunities to learn, we can learn from everybody, everything, and every situation. That can be an enjoyable and empowering activity. I have often been benefitted by it. When I watch some people closely and how they keep themselves calm even in a very harsh phase of life, that time I look into myself from a neutral point of view and ask how would I behave in the similar situation, and definitely I wouldn’t have behaved in a calm way. In this way, I learn calm and composed attitude can help us to make better decisions in life and changes our views to take life in a sportive way. To keep us calm is the major tool of self-improvement. It needs regular mental practice. Researching few articles and books, I get to know that we have to decide how we would love to act in a difficult situation, and how the consequences will be if we behave in a calm way. We have to rehearse in our mind this process every day so that when the harsh situation will come, our subconscious mind will direct us to remain calm, it helped me a lot in my personal growth as a mature individual.


SET A DEADLINE: – Deadline can be our best friend if we want to get anything done in time. Even I experience this in so many ways, being lazy I kept so many jobs unfinished for lack of time or I would rather say lack of sense of time. Every time I promised myself I will finish household chores daily and afterward I will focus on my personal development, as there was no deadline, the obvious outcome was all my work for personal growth was prolonged. I started to give a deadline for everyday small works and it worked.


STOP PROCRASTINATING:- Procrastination is a vice in us, which slowly poisons our self-esteem,  for example if we start a work and try to finish it in six months, before starting the work we already procrastinate the possible difficulties and challenges which may emerge on our way, as consequences we delay the work and never be able to finish, simultaneously we find a lot of people around who start the same work and do finish it on time, that’s the difference, the strong mindset and determination are needed to avoid procrastination and to grow as a better person.


FOCUS ON THE WAYS NOT ON THE AIMS: – Converting dream into reality is the best thing that can ever happen in anyone’s life. Often we float away with colorful dreams and start to live in the imaginary world made of dreams. This is not harmful that can definitely boost our strength up but this is not practical either. To do that we often ignore the ways to reach that dream, it’s better to focus on the process, we need to exercise the habits of perseverance, discipline, and regularity. Once we will master these habits, gradually we will start observing positive changes in our day-to-day life.


SELF-AWARENESS: – To make a better version of ourselves, we have to be grimmest jawed that we won’t lie to ourselves and will face the fact who we really are by accepting our flaws. If we try to be better at something, the first and foremost step is self-awareness, in this situation we can step back and evaluate what we can do the best or what we have to work on. There must be something or some works in which we showed our excellence in the past, we can make a list of them and brush them up to bring the best out of us, it will eventually awaken the spirit in us by planting the seed of self-growth.


That’s how we learn to build the core muscle of our lifestyle, which needs regular exercise to be active. When we look back with a sigh at the pile of unfulfilled works and dreams, we realize those things could have been achieved with little discipline and consistency, unknowingly we keep ourselves into the dark realm of false promise and create a world of self-satisfaction around us to escape reality. At a certain point of life we introspect and feel the urge to transform ourselves as new us, and consequently the journey of self- improvement begins.





When excuse becomes a habit

When excuse becomes a habitstock-photo-stop-making-excuses-text-written-on-a-notebook-with-pencils-526738330

Every morning we wake up with so many actions to deal with, but till dusk, many of them remain incomplete. Sometimes we don’t get time but most of the time we get excuses. Excuse is the only negative tendency that pulls us back from doing all the undone works.

The fear of taking commitment and responsibility motivates us to make excuses. Knowingly or unknowingly we want to run away from our flaws by making excuses. We feel the need of excuses to make our self-image clean and intact, to get relief for time being. Thus we find a way of false satisfaction and assurance. This is a labyrinthine trap and we always get the victim of it. It conveniently becomes our habit to give excuses for every small thing. There must be some ways to get rid of this habit or I should rather say bad habit in disguise.

                             Conflict between conscious and instinctive state of mind

We all have so many goals in life; some may have a goal to build a healthy lifestyle. Others may have a goal to achieve a milestone in working life. Every small consistent step can make them happen. But we fall prey of conflict between the conscious and instinctive state of mind. Conscious mind knows what is good for us and motivates us to follow our goals, whereas instinctive mind reminds us that the way will be no easier. It needs complete perseverance and dedication and instigates us not to do it. So there is a huge gap between two states of mind, so what we can do is we can make a bridge of will power between two states of mind. It surely will take time but slowly it will make sustainable habits which will keep us away from giving excuses, rather it will grow the courage within us to accept our flaws and to work on it. 

                                     Do not hide from yourself

Keep yourself conscious or awake not to hide from real you. Very often we use excuses as a curtain to cover our flaws. If we accept ourselves with our flaws, we need not to depend on excuses. We can build sustainable habits from beginning to improve our life.

                                  One good habit at a time

Every individual wants to make a better version of themselves, and to do so we aim to develop so many habits together. Let’s say someone wants to consume only healthy foods and cut out all the outside junk foods, now that is not impossible, but when the practice is brand new and is not a part of daily habits, it will be difficult to build it in one day. It is a bit like juggling if we randomly throwing a dozen balls in the air. What is going to happen? The solution to this problem is start practicing with one ball, once you got one under control, add another. And repeat the process. In this way to reform your food habit, start part by part; do one part at a time. When consistently good habits will generate, we won’t tend to make excuses.

                                  Everyday pursuit

Yes everyday pursuit may sound like a hardest and challenging part of any journey, but once it will get habituated, it will be a fun way of self-satisfaction. On that part, we have to be determined. For example, you want to grow reading habit, read every day, if you don’t want to read every day, can take a break for one or two days in between, but don’t give up on it. It does not matter if you are progressing slowly.  When it will become a habit, the hardest thing to do is stop. If we can stick to everyday pursuit, we can keep excuses away from us to some extent.


Building sustainable habit has never been a cakewalk, we have to take challenges to reach where we always want to be, and that will allow us to grow as a person. Excuses will lead us nowhere, instead, reduces our confidence and take our focus off important goals. We have to trust our positive instinct and one day will realize that excuse is no longer a barrier of what makes who we really are.








Women Empowerment

Now a days in every media, newspaper, social media we find quotes, blogs, articles based on feminism. We glorify the power of women altogether and much more. I as a woman love being glorified, want to empower all the women out there morally, mentally, socially. Yes we need empowerment, I do support. We need to learn every day and we should grow up, yes we should grow up.

How ?? Oh yes :

1) First of all before talking about all these values of empowerment, we need to learn that feminism does not mean defaming men in any sense but we are busy doing that. Demonstrating your things on your own or paying your bills should be a celebration of independence, confidence and freedom. We should cherish ourselves as independent individuals. But when I read statement from a distinguished woman of our society something like that “I don’t need a man for anything other than…….”. This signifies nothing but a fragile set of mind. We can see your powerful personality and know what you can do.You need not to defend your strength every now and then.

2) We are not here to compete with each other. Cyclonic monk Swami Vivekananda says ”The world of humanity is possessed of two wings – the male and the female. So long as these two wings are not equivalent in strength, the bird will not fly.” we should give a profound thought on it.

3) Most importantly all the facilities to empower women should be provided to the women of below poverty area. women of high society are already privileged, it’s easier and fun for them to comment whatever they feel. I agree that every other day there are news of rapes and infanticides, yes those culprits, those devils in disguise should be hanged till death. But we can’t generalize. There are lots of men around who inspire and respect women a lot.

4) Finally I will conclude that every woman should respect each other’s thought, that’s a integral part of women empowerment. If we really want to improve each other’s skill, do constructive criticism, unfortunately most of us don’t know what constructive criticism is (including me). We can’t evaluate someone’s effort if we are not at their level. Repentantly I have to say we need keen wisdom and insight to grow up.

In search of Peace


Those innocent cries, tear drops on  cheeks,

will dry up one day, no fear will exist.

Tender  heart shivers beholding dreadful act.


Her pure eyes, witnessed hideous flood of blood,

got traumatized, splinted bodies of innocents

unveil those devils in disguise, masked, pretend

to be human,  but fails to hide ferocious side.


Those compassionate stare has turned rigid today,

no place for fear, one prayer conveys with deep breath,




Celestial Light


White,bright celestial light,

I dreamt of last night.

Emerging from far,

Though was not blur.

There descended someone,

Brightened world once.

He came near me,

Wearing smile on face

with ray of glee.

Hold my finger, stated me some words,

I realized within euphoric world.

The best dream I have ever seen.

God was there to abolish all the sins.