In search of Peace


Those innocent cries, tear drops on  cheeks,

will dry up one day, no fear will exist.

Tender  heart shivers beholding dreadful act.


Her pure eyes, witnessed hideous flood of blood,

got traumatized, splinted bodies of innocents

unveil those devils in disguise, masked, pretend

to be human,  but fails to hide ferocious side.


Those compassionate stare has turned rigid today,

no place for fear, one prayer conveys with deep breath,





Let’s pray for world peace.


Live a life of peace, let them live too. We consider martyrdom as patriotism. Martyrs devote lives to save our soil, to make our life peaceful. They don’t even look back at their family. Their timid eyes always anticipate their son, husband to come back home safely. Affectionate mother does not want to lose her son,  arms still hugging her son in dream. The newly wed bride , what is her fault, she is stuck in nightmare, wants to end of it soon. Today we are giving tribute to them, sharing their photos, writing about them. But we hardly empathise the feeling of their families. Burying all the griefs in hearts, paying salute to their near ones is not an easy task.

one week before, entire world celebrated new year, we always wish for a prosperous new year. The time has come when we need to wish for a peaceful new year. Natural calamity may happen, for we can’t control mother nature, but we can control violence, terror attack, religion riots, manipulation in the name of religion. our administrations, government is strong enough to give required protection to our soldiers, still it has been written in newspapers that there was lack of protection in pathankot. Why so?? Rising India and honorable ministers , when our soldiers are giving their 100% sacrificing their lives for nation, how government can be so indifferent?  Media or social media is busy increasing  TRPs. No one cares for healing deficiencies, where masses really need them. World needs PEACE now, nothing else. Meals and shelters for living and peace. No child wants to be orphan, no wife wants to be widow, no mother wants to lose her son. No more now.