In search of Peace


Those innocent cries, tear drops on  cheeks,

will dry up one day, no fear will exist.

Tender  heart shivers beholding dreadful act.


Her pure eyes, witnessed hideous flood of blood,

got traumatized, splinted bodies of innocents

unveil those devils in disguise, masked, pretend

to be human,  but fails to hide ferocious side.


Those compassionate stare has turned rigid today,

no place for fear, one prayer conveys with deep breath,





Celestial Light


White,bright celestial light,

I dreamt of last night.

Emerging from far,

Though was not blur.

There descended someone,

Brightened world once.

He came near me,

Wearing smile on face

with ray of glee.

Hold my finger, stated me some words,

I realized within euphoric world.

The best dream I have ever seen.

God was there to abolish all the sins.


Set me free

Release me from the pursuit

Of frightful failure, let me break

iron rod of the detention,

It kept confined me for long.

Let me set free like a

gust of wind, let me breathe

in the fresh air,let me dance

in the rain, let me sing the song of love.

I want to flow like the waves that make a  sea.

I want to stretch my arms  to embrace new sights.

I want to carry wonder in my eyes.

The cursed night has gone.

It’s a blissful morning,

that seems to be never ending,

will lead to a land of

accomplishment, where pleasure resides.

Humanity is at stake

Today humans, unaware of humanity,

It’s a shame! beholding fellow humans

lying on the road, bleeding, helpless,

blood smeared body, is fighting to the death,

eyes, filled with dreams few minutes ago.

Now are half closed, waiting for death,

with acute pain, agony, her tears and blood

sweeps away the dust of inhumanity,eyes ambiguously

being able to see the faces of those devils in disguise

busy harping irrelevant topics, slapping the face of humanity.

Voyage on the ocean

Deep blue silence bestowed

the sea and sky above.

Gigantic yet beautiful ship

enhanced the beauty of

the ambiance around.

Everything was calm and perfect,

Suddenly thunder storm begins,

The frequency of waves increased,

Rogue waves hit the ship numerous times.

Blue sky turned dark,

along with extreme lightening

Created contrast and a mysterious beauty.

But chance of danger didn’t finish yet.

A big iceberg was emerged in mid ocean,

little away from the ship.

Captain and stuffs put best endeavor

to avoid it and won adversity.

Victory always kisses the feet

that dares and dreads.

Serene Morning


Tranquil morning with cold breeze,

Fills mind with joy and peace.

Wipes all filthy and distorted emotion away,

Rejuvenate heart with new notion and way.

Birds, flowers busking in the fresh sun ray

Stimulates positivity, that is the only pray.

Discard torn memories, unfulfilled dreams

Let the day begins with ecstatic scream.

Vigorous spirit is the superior power,

dominates adversity , wins reward.

Cultivate the land


Ignite that extinguished flame,

Let your senses and veins be exuberant.

Since decades they have been motionless.

Convey life to them.

Those topsy-turvy moves of steps

will turn active, need a commotion.

Your motivation may change its destiny.

Nothing is predestined, if you cultivate today

Your fertile land won’t disappoint you tomorrow.

Innumerable grains of gold will come forth.

As cultivation is the only dodge.

Charmer of beauty


Her heart is the ocean of secrets,

her deep blue eyes are the mountains of mystery,

her long hair is the brown cascade,

with her serpentine bent of body,

she encapsulates hearts of millions.

Men love to be submerged into those piercing eyes,

they lost themselves deep inside of her heart,

their soul is melted with her blushing,

her glossy shivering  pink lips allure them to be insane.

she drives the world of men crazy,

charmer of beauty leads men to the uncontrollable mistakes.