I love to drool over lifestyle, good to better, better to best. Who doesn’t want to? Especially when you have tasted the essence of it. Of late we have moved to a new place, I met a girl, who was strolling around with her pet at an evening. We got introduced to each other and started walking, we had a nice conversation during our walk, and I got to know she is a photographer by profession; she was telling how she started her journey in photography. An elevated style of living helped her to come across all the way where she is today. By elevated life style, she doesn’t mean unaffordable, luxurious life. She shared with me few glimpses of her lifestyle, which helped her to live a happy and healthy life both personally and professionally. Like every journey, she also faced ups and downs, bumpy roads and smooth roads as well. By making smarter choices and lifestyle she defeated most of the obstacles which came on her way. Below are some mantras of her lifestyle that she shared with me:-

She deliberately lies



1)    She told me one simple part of her lifestyle and that is before going to bed she always tries to focus on that day’s moments of joy, no matter how many things she did wrong on that day. She always tries to list down things she is grateful for. That very habit of her strikes me from within. I always used to worry about things that I didn’t do, or I could have done. After that day I also started to practice that simple rule which helped me to live a healthy and happy life. That’s how I experience we are not born with fixed amount of ability, it’s a muscle that needs to be developed with regular practice, and we can draw it when we require it.



2)    The serenity of nature always boosts her energy up to the next level. Sometimes morning sunshine or evening quietness helped her to forget all the drudgeries of work life and next day she started her work in a fresh way. Sometimes on weekend spending time on a lakeside or walking in a park, she used to recall all her good memories of past, and how she used to sustain in challenging situations of life, that motivated her a lot. With growing age, we start losing our childhood innocence and sportive spirit by facing obscurities of life, staying close to nature helped her to regain that spirit from within.



3)    Spending quality time on hobby will reshape you with all your dreams. We all have certain hobbies, doesn’t matter if one is doing job, self-employed entrepreneur or house wife. Some love to paint, others have an interest in music or cooking or in home decoration and so on. Nowadays ‘’art for art’s sake’’ is an old proverb for us. Being pressurized with work commitments and various responsibilities, we often forget that once we used to be good at something. That girl reminded me how spending sometimes on hobby helped her to deal with short-term failures and again she raised with all the possibilities.


4)    She shared with me that at the beginning of her career she used to spend a long time of every day on social media misusing unlimited internet access and kill time by scrolling up and down. At the end of the day her energy used to fall short for doing anything productive. This often happens with me, and then she found a way out for this problem. Keeping yourself suddenly away from any bad habit when you are fond of it, is not an easy task. She used to log out of all her accounts and log in once a day. Initially, it was difficult but slowly, it became a habit and it saved a lot of time every day to think or do something in a productive way.



“An unexamined life is not worth living”


We can’t develop a decent lifestyle unless we examine or experience it. We read good books, listen to motivational speeches that definitely lead to building the positive attitude, but we can’t get along with it for long. But when we see a live example or a girl to our next door is working so hard to live a life like she is alive, teaches us to live not just exist.






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