Happy International Women’s Day


Today social media sites are suffused with the wishes of international women’s day. Everyone is sharing some quotes, we do respect it and enjoy womanhood. Nevertheless,  we will read some news of rape, acid attacks, domestic violence every day.I am not saying every woman gets victim of it. There are definitely some men who respect women a lot. Let us cherish strength of women at every beat of life. Couple of months back  I saw a post on facebook that a man marries an acid attack survivor, people praised the man who married the girl, undoubtedly the man has done a noble deed, but don’t we think that we should have praised the girl’s courage as well, she at least decided to move on in her life, we all should learn how to sustain after coming across tons of hurdles instead of giving up on life.

There are so many women  who are successful in different fields, others get inspired by them. Success has its various definitions, Success of a woman always does not mean doing a quality job and earning a huge bucks. A woman who is striving day in and day out with poverty for giving food to their children, is successful on her own terms. A woman being a single mother struggling every day to bring up her children in a proper way, is successful on her own terms. A woman who does her entire household works, gives time to her family and do follow her passion is successful on her own terms. A woman after doing all the responsibilities towards family, maintains her office work at the same time, is successful on her own terms. She is a responsible daughter, loving wife, affectionate mother and a playful sister. Ladies appreciate each other and your contribution towards life. Being woman is a joy, celebrate womanhood , your existence and the fact who you are.



9 thoughts on “Happy International Women’s Day

  1. Well said Suchetana…wonderful thoughts specially “don’t we think that we should have praised the girl’s courage as well, she at least decided to move on in her life” this line. Yes honestly i too appreciating that guy but never thought about girl who suffers this attack. She put her example to other girls and boys also that whatever the situation don’t give up. Also i like in this article is you have wrote success of women in different way. Really appreciating this post. People should agree that women’s are biggest creature of god. So we should respect her.

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  2. Very wise view, Suchetana. Of course, the girl needs to be praised for her bravery, confidence and determination. Praising only the man who is marrying the girl has a subtle undertone of demeaning the girl as if she is a victim and doesn’t deserve this and the man is acting as a messiah! Actually, the gender bias is deep down in our heart..so much that we sometimes are unaware of it…

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  3. A very valid point you’ve raised. A woman is successful because she is doing all those little things that many of us take for granted!

    I also agree that the acid survivor was indeed courageous to move on…many would have give up and committed suicide!

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