Survey shows that women suffer from depression hundred times more than men, we all want to know “why”. Renowned psychiatrists have their own analytical researches. But as far as our social observation goes we find out certain reasons for depressive mood as women go through in most of the cases –

  •  Firstly, if we talk about today’s world, women are very fast, they  welcome the modern era, from dawn till dusk they are engaged themselves with work, whether it’s household works, office works or entrepreneurship, they hardly get any time to relax.
  • In certain points they didn’t get the exact identity or appreciation what they want or deserve for, they are quite eligible for doing anything, if they get a little exposure.
  • Some cases women become very content in life with their children and family, and in the middle age when husband and children are busy living their life, most women face ”midlife crisis”.
  • At the old age when they become alone due to so many reasons, life becomes burden on them.

Several ways are there to keep ourselves far away from depression-

  • Women should have their own world, doesn’t matter if they are doing a job, business or housewives.
  • Women should love themselves, should do what they love to do. If they are healthy mentally and physically, they will be able to take care of their families.
  • Today’s women have so many exposures, and they are talented in so many things, they should recognize their talent and bring it out to the world.

We are fortunate enough that we are living in the age of globalization, where sitting at home we can go to the every part of the world or get the knowledge of everything  just pressing some buttons of the computer, but in our grandmother’s time they did’t get that opportunity,  they even can’t think about their life doing anything except serving their families, and shocking point is, that time percentage of depression was lesser than today. Bid good bye to depression and try to be fit mentally , always engage yourself with the work that you love to do.























































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