Story of Samaira Part-3

girls-591552_1280Investigators were searching every nook and corner of Rishob’s house. Chief officer saw a camera on the center table of living room, and wanted to know, “Is it yours?” Rishob replied ” Ya mine.” officer inquired “Have you used it recently? may I have a look at it?” Rishob answered “Of course sir you may.  Yes last night my friend took snaps and videos of the party, that’s why the camera is here.” Officer was watching all the pictures and video clips, suddenly he stuck in one video, he replayed the video again and paused it in  middle, this video captured a strange scene, people, watching the video that time, were completely shocked. The scene is that Samaira stood in front of a mirror in one corner of the house doing different gestures and talking as if she engaged in a conversation with somebody, but she stood alone. In another corner of the house people busy dancing with loud music.

Officer suspected some weirdness in Samaira’s behaviour. He asked Rishob amd Sabita “Have you people ever noticed repetition of such gestures of Samaira in front of mirror?” Sabita replied “Yes sir I heard her uttering some words in front of mirror couple of times when I passed her room.”  Officer gasped as if he got a confirmation on his suspicion. “Can you please tell me what are the exact words Samaira used to utter?”  officer asked Sabita. Sabita look at Rishob’s face with her polite eyes and continued  “Yes yes I know they share a very good relationship, confirm me , are they getting more intimate day by day? Sabita aunty tell me, say yes yes, I know the answer can’t be NO.”  I heard Samaira uttering such statements with the same gestures as we saw in video, Sabita said.  Sabita added    “officer I was suprised that day when Samaira uttering such words and my name, I asked her that I heard you speaking something with my name, she got puzzled for few seconds and managed beautifully by saying no aunty I was singing a song.”  Officer said “why didn’t you explain the entire incident to Rishob?”  Sabita replied “why will Rishob believe my words against his wife as there was no proof in my hand? Now you all saw the video so in this context I am referring what I faced.”  Rishob looked helpless.  Officer explained “Look Rishob, experiencing all the witnesses I have to say, your wife was suffering from split personality disorder, I have called a renowned psychiatrist of the city, he will explain you everything.” Psychiatrist Mr. Chaudhury came and said “Hello Rishob”, they shook hands and greeted each other. I heard the entire incident from Mr. Reddy (the chief officer) . “As you are a doctor, so you obviously are acquainted with the term “split personality disorder.” Dr. continued “Your wife was very insecure about your relation with Preeti, everyone knows you both are nothing but good friends , but Samaira was not ready to accept that, she used to imagine everyhing in her mind, whatever she imagines, wanted to hear it from another person so needed a medium who will confirm her that yes there is an intimate relation between you and Preeti, So she used sabita’s name as a medium, she used to stand infront of mirror and assume her reflection as Sabita who told her everything. ”  Rishob was thoroughly shocked, his eyes were filled with tears. Officer felt sorry for Rishob and declared Samaira reached at such a level of insecurity that she could not able to handle it and hanged her to death.


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