The story of Samaira, part-2


Sabita, the house maid of Rishob came from outside and called Samaira, there was no response then she knocked the door of Samaira and it was open from inside, the door opened automatically and she found Samaira hanging in the ceiling. Sabita Screamed, got puzzled and called Rishob, Rishob was in airport, was going to another city to attend his medical conference, Rishob returned from airport. Police came and interrogated them, Sabita told there was a party in Rishob’s house last night, Rishob agreed. Rishob’s friends and colleagues came as it was Rishob’s birthday party. The head investigator of crime branch asked “How long did they stay at night?”Rishob replied “Everybody went around 11 pm at night, Only Preeti, colleague of mine stayed for few more hours.” The investigator suspected and asked ” May I know why had she been at your place till late night while others friend left?” Rishob was quiet for few seconds and replied ” I and Preeti are very good friends from childhood ,we know each other very well from long back, so she is obviously special than rest of my friends.” The investigator nodded as if he understood everything and wanted to know ” Was your wife present that time?” “Ya she was there.”  Rishob confirmed.

Sabita, a middle aged woman, a good relationship has been grown up between Samaira and her. Sabita used to tell Samaira ” You are like my daughter, I have a daughter of your age.” Naturally she wins the heart of Samaira.  Sabita influenced Samaira by gossiping about Rishob and Preeti , such as ” They share a good bonding from school days, they are so close that don’t even hesitate to pour one’s heart out to another, they know each other’s secret” and so on. Obviously Samaira didn’t like preeti’s intimacy with Rishob. If one catches your weakness and continuously hitting you on it, you must be influenced.

The question still hovers is it a murder or suicide?

Too many unsolved mysteries will be revealed in part-3 (coming soon)


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