The Story of Samaira Part – 1


Samaira, a lady of late twenties, well educated, good cultured, smart, independent in every aspect of life. In short she is a kind of woman, men desire for. From childhood Samaira was taught to be independent. She wanted to live life in her own terms. She made it also, she kept her step on the threshold of corporate world at the age of twenty one, was satisfied with her life, she belongs to very aristocratic family. Her father was an eminent lawyer, mom was a professor, she was the only child of her parents, naturally very pampered, an apple of the eye of her parents. She was the luckiest kid of the locality, was given a luxurious life, her parents made it sure that she must not misuse the luxury.

She gets married with a very handsome, wealthy man two years older than her, he was a doctor by profession, her parents arranged the marriage. The groom was perfect for her. He gave Samaira independence and all the comforts of life which Samaira got habituated with from childhood. They were happy with each other. Her husband, Rishob, was an open minded fellow, had a broad outlook towards life. They both help each other to grow everyday as a better individuals . They are more friends than just husband and wife. Samaira is living a life that every girl dreams for. Everything was picture perfect, then what happened that Samaira found dead in her bedroom, and no body was there in the house. Police investigated  the case. Was it a Suicide, an accident or a murder.

We will get to know the further investigation and what actually happened on that day, in part-2 ( COMING SOON)


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