Everything is calm and quiet  around,

Generally that peace prevails before a danger Storm.

Suddenly earth trembles, it happens

in such an excruciating way ,

that is beyond imagination.

Natural Apocalypse, humans are truly helpless.

It brings catastrophic end of thousand  lives.

Tons of children become orphan.

Lots of injured people fading to death.

So many lose their shelters.

We, the advanced being in this Universe,

Of late are puppets in the hands of nature,

and always were.

 A severe trauma runs through mind,

will last there for long.

We can pray for devastated people,

donate for them but it will take long time

to recover bruises of their mind.

 Only pray to Almighty not to do it again.

 Heart of the world aches for Nepal,

and is too heavy to take this agony any more.


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