Gracious Nature

Nature with all her beauty and diversity

enchants universe , creates amity.

Seasonal charm is so graceful,

Wipes human sorrows, makes cheerful.


Summer glory is blissful,

People awaits to make a journey peaceful.

Greenery, pleasant sun shine, amazing flowers,

Sea beaches, holiday trips, and bowers.

This is alluring summer.


Fall foliage , and colorful nature,

Diversity at its best is the feature,

Hued canvas of leaves is nature’s attire.

Rustling  of dried leaves sounds a note like a lyre.

Winter, has its own elegance,

leafless trees become eminence.

Snowfall increases  nature’s incantation.


Pleasant weather of spring enticesentices,

leaves within a harmonious premises.

Mother nature stretches arms,

 embraces us makes the bond firm.



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