The world is too much with it.


“Have you heard she has put on weight”. “Oh really! what are you saying?” “listen she is dark in complexion”. “She does not have any manner to talk to people” and so on…….really the world around us is too much with it. It as in GOSSIP. Oh! How can I forget to mention,of late our concerned topic is team india’s performance in world cup cricket semi final , how virat kohli’s girlfriend contributed to lose the match.But guys give them a break.Yes I know we like to do gossip on celebrities.Even I do participate sometimes. But this is a limit. We should apply our logic. I think we are capable of doing this, aren’t we?

And, of course some people are satisfied with life doing gossips,about neighbours, friends, relatives.But people who are being criticized should feel like top of the world because some people are giving them that much importance to discuss about them wasting time.We should feel pity on gossipers for they remain so uncomfortable with their life. putting all the shit on fire,need to show indifferent attitude towards them so that they can be least concerned about others.


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