Madness is required.

Sometimes madness is required to do something bigger,better and brighter.wait!! wait !! Don’t get me wrong I don’t mean mental illness or insanity.I am just trying to say about intense will power. That is a kind of madness.Yes, if you can master this madness sometime, you can take the world in your grips.Believe me my readers, I won’t convince you with my theoretical knowledge. Ah!That’s so boring,isn’t it?? I am telling you a true story that I have witnessed, a story of such madness.When I was in school there was a senior of mine.She was probably 2 years senior than me.She was not meritorious or A grade student.She was an average student,no one amongst teachers or her classmates could ever think of her doing bright results.If sometime she asked teachers any kind of questions teachers would give at her such a surprised look that they might think “what’s wrong with her?? Is her health OK?” As if it is only birth right of A grade students to ask such intellectual questions and come into the limelight of teachers.One day I was returning from school and I was met her on the way, we greeted each other with hi, hello and started talking,casual conversation,”how are you doing these days” and all.Then by the way she told me about her asking question to a teacher and how strange look she gave her.She was very cool to everything, was not a very serious girl but that day I observed a different expression on her face,and I asked her,”what happened?? I have never seen you before being shocked only for a teacher’s reaction!!” I surprisingly asked her because when such thing happened with her she used to tell me ironically “Today mam was thinking of taking a class from me”.What she answered me that day kept me speechless , she told “how can mam or anyone judge my merit or intellectuality on the basis of my result.” ” how can they be so sure that I can’t do anything with these results.” “Has almighty given them this right? You tell me?” She asked me.Listening her words,I thought may be she was upset that’s why emotionally she stated such words.I was wrong that day, She was not upset, she committed to herself of doing something with these results and with her merit.For we had no idea about her merit, her creativity.She didn’t like conventional study, her merit and creativity was beyond imagination.That I didn’t realise,not only me but no one around us was able to predict this.After higher secondary we were pursuing our graduation,and she already finished her graduation from different college.Being students of different colleges,those days we were not in touch.One day I was reading a news paper and in supplementary pages I read an article,it was so meaningful and profound that made me spell bound, below the article I found writer’s name and phone no and  my readers you can guess who the writer was:) though the name given on the page was not her real name ,so I didn’t recognize her but I was so impressed with her writing that I called her over phone, I was more than happy when I came to know it was she.Then one day we met in a coffee shop and she told me about her journey,how she groomed herself, nartured her passion.Through her description I found a reflection of her madness, a madness towards her passion and creativity.We often call it “creative madness”.Today she is a renowned contemporary writer.She has written couple of books,won so many prizes,medals.Today you can assume how meritorious she is.We often do mistakes by judging someone with academic background.We remain unknown of our hidden merit and passion.She searched it from within, nurtured it and nothing has been able to stop her from blooming.She is a living inspiration of mine.Simply proud of her. Dear readers I hope you have enjoyed my story:)


8 thoughts on “Madness is required.

  1. That’s the kind of madness worth living for 🙂
    And I agree with her
    They all want A’s and excellent results on exams, but does an exam really measure any kind of achievement, learning, understanding?

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  2. A wonderful story! It’s true, we shouldn’t be measured or constrained by the boundaries established by convention. Being an artist requires being unconventional at times. I’m happy that your friend has found a way to express her individual genius.

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