journey of a girl towards womanhood and maturity.

Yes she is a girl, a girl at heart. She lives in a world, a world of her own. She believes everything will happen according to her wish in her self made world.But reality does not let her to do so. when she grows up, she faces a complete different world around her.whatever she used to think in her fantasy world is being shattered into pieces.Her tender mind is astonished and horrified at reality.She stumbles at different steps of her life,experiences things,good or bad on journeying towards life. Good experience gives her delight that she was not completely wrong in her imaginary world.Bad experience teaches her lessons and helps her to gain maturity in life.Yes,she was a princess in her fantasy world,but in real world she is a tigress.She can not give up on life.Life may appear negative,cruel to her but she knows how to turn everything into positive and peaceful conclusion.This is what we call maturity.She goes through it.With her touches,love and affection she makes everything beautiful and makes everybody happy.Yes this is her entity,she should be proud of it.I am dedicating this writing piece to all the woman over the world.Cheers ladies.You can make a beautiful world.Being woman is a joy.celebrate your existence and the fact who you are.


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