My visit to Great smoky Mountain National Park

1003607_444261779037719_1861949063_nLast Friday we went to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park in Tennessee.Natural beauty of the entire park was literally overwhelming.Absolute solitude was pervading everywhere.Huge rocks,green meadows,beautiful cottages and serenity of the environment were something to relish at.Far away from humdrum of mundane world I was thoroughly enjoying myself.It was really a peaceful place to be yourself.At the same day we visited Deals Gap,North Carolina.Crossing the Deals Gap there is a 11 mile long road with 318 curves.This is considered by many as world’s foremost motorcycling and sports car roads.This road was most adventurous and thrilling place to drive,though I was not driving my husband was driving.But I could feel the same craze and thrill as he did.After every two seconds there was a curve.This is such an exciting and adventurous road that I have ever seen and experienced in my life.This day will be captured in my heart forever.Chevrolet camaro accompanies us throughout the journey.Cool car indeed, I must say:)This road is named as Tail of the Dragon.All we wanted to do was to take lots of snaps and capture those beautiful scenic beauties.Those beauties are beyond description.Sometimes what you see through eyes and feel in heart becomes impossible to express in words or capture in snaps.My snaps fall short to the actual scenic beauty.our day was ended with a beautiful note of fulfilling our desire of roaming such a divine place.I wish I could stay there for some times more. It was a worthy experience ever.whenever I shall feel monotony,I shall recall this memory.This is refreshing and memorable visit ever.


It seemed beautiful hills was touching the horizon as per my prudence.Fragrance of greeneries and cold gentle breeze of morning were soothing my mind and soul.I wanted to be mingled with the deep silence of environment.That day I was reposing on the lap of nature.

1972371_444287922368438_1953945907_n 1525306_444284592368771_1219407786_n

we enjoyed our journey towards DEALS GAP through this road.This pass felt like driving on a remote forestry road as it was mostly a narrow road through woods on both sides of the pass.

10004000_444284189035478_1314939031_n (1)

The day before we visited it was raining there.On the day of our visit due to cold the raining water flow was congealed into ice.It created a magnificent scenic beauty and I didn’t miss to capture it as well.


Tender is the only adjective that goes well with this innocent deer.we saw it on our way, it was wandering for food.

10153262_444288145701749_761755642_n   10155133_444284842368746_1362735485_n

Beautiful tiny cottage and  brook were signature attractions of that place.water of the brook was making its way through innumerable stones.we stopped our car on the side for a while,took few snaps and sat down on a stone touching the cold water with  bare foot, and you can guess the frigidness of water.we returned from DEALS GAP had some food.The day was passed by with twinkling of an eye.It was a worthy visit and an incredible experience of mine. I will recommend this place to all my friends who are looking for a peaceful, yet adventurous place to visit on their weekend after a hectic week.


7 thoughts on “My visit to Great smoky Mountain National Park

  1. Anoboddo…!!! Nisorgo soundarya chetonar emon monomoy biboron pathok ke lekhikar anubhutir saathe ekatto kore tulechhe…. sathe prokritir emon sthir chitro pathok moner kalpana ke kore samriddho ….. emon sundor avigyota amader sathe bhagabhagi kore neoar jonno lekhika mohosoya ke janai amar aantorik abhinandan…!!


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